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16Jan11Finlay Family – December 19, 2010

I love seeing children I have photographed grow up. It doesn’t seem like 3 years ago I was at the Finlay’s to take pictures of their daughter when she was 6 months old and here I am taking pictures of their son at the same age! How fun. I think this is all so much more fun for me now that I have kids and see how they interact as well.

I hope it isn’t 3 years before I get to see you guys again :)

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31Oct10The Wilson Family

I used to work with Kerry and we always talk about getting together to do some family photography and somehow it has only worked out once in like 4 years since their first child was born. Finally got a session in this past fall. We met up at the Pumpkin Patch park on Signal Mountain and I followed them around while the kids played. Even Kerry’s sister got in on the action with her daughter. We had a good time and I think the kids were plenty worn out for their ride home.

7Jul10Baby Pryce – 1 Year

I met Pryce back in October when he was about 6 months old… now he is a year old and he has grown alot. I am always amazed to see children grow physically and in their personalities. Pryce has done both and was a lot of fun. We read books, played with toys, watched some Yo Gaba Gaba, swam and took a bath. Thanks for having me out guys and congratulations on such a great little guy!

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1Dec09Mary Handly – November 29, 2009

I got the chance to take Mary Handly’s 9 month photos for her on Sunday. She was so cute and a perfect subject. Smiling and clapping all the way through a few clothing changes, environment changes and a feeding :) Thanks for sharing your afternoon with me guys!

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3Nov09Baby Pryce

I love taking pictures of children. These family sessions are always so rewarding for me because I love to watch people relate to their children and to see how they respond. Pryce is such a cute little guy. We spend a couple hours together. He played, posed, bathed and then had a book read to him :) Thanks for having me over guys!

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