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16Jan11Finlay Family – December 19, 2010

I love seeing children I have photographed grow up. It doesn’t seem like 3 years ago I was at the Finlay’s to take pictures of their daughter when she was 6 months old and here I am taking pictures of their son at the same age! How fun. I think this is all so much more fun for me now that I have kids and see how they interact as well.

I hope it isn’t 3 years before I get to see you guys again :)

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7Jul10Baby Pryce – 1 Year

I met Pryce back in October when he was about 6 months old… now he is a year old and he has grown alot. I am always amazed to see children grow physically and in their personalities. Pryce has done both and was a lot of fun. We read books, played with toys, watched some Yo Gaba Gaba, swam and took a bath. Thanks for having me out guys and congratulations on such a great little guy!

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1Dec09Mary Handly – November 29, 2009

I got the chance to take Mary Handly’s 9 month photos for her on Sunday. She was so cute and a perfect subject. Smiling and clapping all the way through a few clothing changes, environment changes and a feeding :) Thanks for sharing your afternoon with me guys!

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3Nov09Baby Pryce

I love taking pictures of children. These family sessions are always so rewarding for me because I love to watch people relate to their children and to see how they respond. Pryce is such a cute little guy. We spend a couple hours together. He played, posed, bathed and then had a book read to him :) Thanks for having me over guys!

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11Jun09Willem Trying to Crawl

Willem is trying desperately to crawl these days. He doesnt do well on the regular floor… pretty much moves the legs and then falls on his face. He does much better on the bed however. He actually made it all the way across the bed the other morning. I got a couple fun pictures of his efforts :)