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I just got word from my Brother in Law that his new business venture has launched. It is a website where he will sell fine art photographic reprints for a HUGE bargain. Here is the formal announcement.

Today I am launching Wozofoto – – deal-a-day fine art photography for only $10. Cover those bare walls! Every day Wozofoto will feature a new photo from a different photographer, but every day 5×7’s and 8×10’s will be only $10. Sizes up to 20×30 are also available for an additional fee. The photos are printed at professional photo labs using archival quality inks and paper.

To say thanks for checking out the site, I’d like to offer you a coupon – good for $2 off any photo during Wozofoto’s first week. The coupon is good for the first week only (3/22-3/28).

$2 Discount Code – at checkout, enter WOZOFOEM

From time to time Wozofoto will feature images from this blog as well. So go check him out!

21Jun08The Nursery

It has been a been a long few weeks of clearing stuff out of the nursery, pulling carpet, patching walls, painting, buying furniture, hauling stuff to storage, carpeting, picking up furniture, assembling a crib, and arranging it all in a tiny little room. Here are some pics of the progress. Starting with the room as we started (minus the carpet) moving through the steps above… then a few of the furniture separately.

Almost forgot to mention… the cute crib stuff (sheet… not pictured, skirt and quilt) were all gifts from Erin’s kindergarten class at the end of the year.

19May08Chattanooga, The Renaissance of a City

This is a fun thing to blog about! I got a call back at the end of the summer last year from a photo editor asking about Chattanooga landmark photography for a book he was working on. It was titled Chattanooga, The Renaissance of a City. After some back and forth and a lot of shooting this and that and proofing blah blah blah… the book was published earlier this month and is available on Amazon for sale. LINK to Amazon listing.

Anyway I have about 14 or so pictures in the book and then the bottom picture on the cover is mine as well. It is the first time that one has been published anywhere and the first time it has even been printed for that matter :)

16Apr08US Airways Magazine PDF

Hey Guys… I blogged about this earlier but I just found an easy way to get the whole thing into your hands if you want to read the article or print it out and frame it or whatever ;)

Rewind a year or so. I got a call from someone working on the US Airways magazine… the art director or something. Told me they were doing a profile about Chattanooga in the August 2007 edition and they needed some shots of local scenes. I did a few shots for them and they were debating on using one for the opening spread but as it turned out they used one of my sunset shots from downtown in one of the spreads. Anyway they send me two hard copies and I never got around to scanning them to put up in pdf but I just found them on THEIR WEBSITE so I thought I would repost about this. Here is the link directly to the PDF from THEIR SITE and if that link doesnt work I have a copy on MY SITE as well.

This is probably the biggest publication I have been in so far. I am going to post a couple more that I have been in too but this is the big one so far.

7Apr08The Proof

Just so you don’t think I am kidding ;) This is a scan of our ultrasound pics from this afternoon.

Baby Stats:
heart rate: 158bpm
length: around 7cm
due date: Oct. 6th