Every now and then I realize I have gotten a little stuck in my ways. I had one of these moments this afternoon when I was checking my RSS feeds that I read through Google Reader and came across a new way to sharpen that is WAY better than the way I have always done it. I almost skipped right by it because I thought I had it down. Well I am glad I watched it.

Basically the new method is to run an action that is part of an action set I already had from Kevin Kubota. It is called Magic Sharpen. It is brilliant! Just do all your processing and resizing and just before you hit save you run the magic sharpen action and then hit save. That is it!

Here is a LINK to where you can buy the action set. This one is in the Production Tools. And HERE is a link to where I learned about this sharpening technique… [b]ecker.

Just check out it out below! Click to make it bigger.