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15Mar06Someone is Stealing Images

So I was looking through my access logs on my server and found a strange reference a few months back. It was to a file I forgot I even had… Cubical Camo. I tracked down where the reference was coming from and come to find out some guy was hotlinking to my file (using my image from my server by referencing it on his site). I was not that worried about the image being used as it was not an artist work or anything I really care about. What I was really irritated about was the fact that he was hotlinking. Using my bandwidth to steal my image on his horrible site!

I emailed the character and asked him to stop hotlinking even attaching the file for his use from his own server. Then I forgot about it assuming he would do as asked. Well I was looking through the logs again this morning and found a few references again from his site. So… This is what he got! I gave him fair warning. If you are going to steal my files at least steal them, DON’T hotlink them!

7Mar06In Honor of 2 Years

On March 20th, my photoblog will have been alive and kicking for 2 full years! I have posted a photo on this site for every single day… Thats roughly 730 photos!

Since I switched to using Pixel Post for my photoblog, I have only had a selection of them posted. It turned out to be a lot more work to add in the archives than I originally thought so I was satisfied with what I had (back to June 1st.) But in honor of this photoblog’s second birthday I thought it would only be fitting to get some more archives up for you. Over the next couple days I will be working feverishly to put in archives back to September 24th, 2004. That is when I got my Digital Rebel and a turning point in this blog’s history.

This morning I entered in back to April 1st, 2005. Check them out if you were not a regular before October.

UPDATE: All of the archives that I will be adding are currently up in the photoblog section… Be sure to check them out there are some photos that I am extremely proud of in there and I think you will enjoy them.

26Jan06Thoughts on Hosting

I was just reminded how happy I am with my site hosting. I have had really bad hosting at Powweb (I am not even going to link it for fear you will waste your money with them!). The place I will recommend is Lunarpages. They offer a tremendous amount of storage and bandwidth, unlimited MySQL databases, email, cPanel, ecommerce and more. Check them out!

10Jan06Upgrading to WordPress 2.0

I am going to be upgrading the software that runs this blog in a few minutes. The only reason I mention this is that some functionality may suffer for a few days during the process. Please let me know if you notice anything different because nothing should change as far as you are concerned :)

7Jan06About Page

I have been meaning to do it for quite a while now but have just been too lazy. Yes it is an about page! You can find out not a lot about me other than all the camera gear I have managed to accumulate. You can check it out here or by clicking the link in the navigation to the left.

There is also a links page in the works but it may be a while before I am ready to launch that :)