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10May08The Bertani Family – May 7, 2008

I had a lot of fun feeding ducks, ducking golf balls, and blowing bubbles with the Bertani family the other night! In the process I think we got some fun pics :)

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7Apr08The Remick Family

Not sure what to even write. I am so glad that I had the opportunity to go up to Clarksville to shoot this family. The Remicks are good friends with Erin’s cousin Shawna and her husband Scott. Kyle is a surgeon in the Amry and is preparing to deploy to Afghanistan for 15 months in June so I went to get some good pics of them all together before he goes.

This family was so fun and inviting that I ended up photographing for nearly 3.5 hours! They ate, they played, the laughed, the wrestled, they jumped on their beds, they played soccer and they never slowed down once :) Thanks so much for letting me be the one to do this for you guys!

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13Jan08Ellie Turns 2!

A couple weeks ago Alison asked me to photograph her daughter’s second birthday. I said of course, of course. I got up to their house a little early to be greeted by a view that was as good as any in the area. Overlooking the Tennessee River gorge which was under a blanket of fog. It was really cool.

After brushing Ellie’s pony Sweet Pea, Alison took me in to meet Ellie. I could hear her singing in the back room as she got ready… Then she saw me and got really quiet :) I seem to have that affect on little kids until they come around. She proceeded to show me all her toys and finally started to loosen up once all her little friends started rolling in. Needless to say they all had a lot of fun! Thanks for having me guys!

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7Dec07Stone Family

Spent Sunday afternoon with the Stone family while they hung out. We started by putting some candy canes on the Christmas Tree and then ate some of their really cool ginger bread houses that they made at the Creative Discovery Museum. By this time the kids were starting to loosen up and they began goofing around. By goofing around I mean wrestling, jumping on and off furniture, chasing the dog and swording robots off the table! We had a good time.

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29Nov07Baby Abby is almost 1!

It doesn’t seem like nearly a year ago since I took a trip up to see Abby for the first time when she was just a few days old. Checkout how cute she is!

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