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3Apr08Wedding Photography Contest

I have decided to enter a few images into a photo contest specifically for wedding photography. It is a juried competition judged by some of the best in the biz. I am going to post another entry with the option for you to vote on your favorites as to which I should submit too.

For you photographers who don’t know about this competition yet there are mulitple cash prizes so you should definitely check it out. HERE is a link to their site or you can click on the image below to enter some pics of your own.

31Mar08The Way We Roll

This is a week of big announcements in the Dunmore household. We bought a new CAR! We have been debating on getting one for about a year now and when the Escort would not start on Saturday it pushed us over the edge! I got a rental car for a couple days while we sorted things out. I got on the net to make sure I had my information correct and started calling around. Made a few offers and got the car we wanted for the price we wanted :) They had to bring it in from Huntsville so we will get it tomorrow. I will take some pics and post them up as soon as I can. In the meantime… I have 2 weddings to blog and process and an engagement session to finish processing. Wish me luck!

27Mar08The few baby details we know

Ok so here are the few details that we know:

  1. Baby is measuring 12 weeks as of Tuesday (5.64cm long)
  2. Baby is due October 7, 2008
  3. Doctors say everything looks good (heart beat, two arms, two legs, spine, so on so forth)
  4. We are ecstatic!

Thanks for all the comments and Emails. We appreciate all of your prayers!

26Mar08Hello, my name is…

2Feb08Back at it

Well it has been really nice having a couple weeks off but it is back to the grind :) I have two shoots tomorrow, one on Wednesday, rehearsal on Friday, wedding on Saturday. Then the weekend after that I am in Chicago shooting a wedding with Nellie Nellie Photography. Then I am back in Chattanooga the weekend after that for a wedding with Jason Connel. Then I am shooting a wedding on Leap Day at the Hunter Museum. Then on the Saturday after that I shoot a fund raiser at the Chattanooga Golf and Country Club.

And that is just what is on the calender right now. I am sure there will be some nights fill up in there too :) March is busy too with 2 weddings and a bridal session so far.