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2Mar09The Willem Eats

I woke up this morning and Erin was ready to feed the Willem some rice cereal… his FIRST bite of rice cereal to be exact. I took a couple pics so here you go.

19Feb09Wordless Wednesday

My friend and his wife (though I think she is the only one who has posted one yet) are doing this thing called Wordless Wednesday where they post up a pic or a few pics on Wednesdays without any description or words. I love when they post them cause it is just so fun to make your own captions for stuff and the pics are usually either just really sweet or really fun. So I have decided that I might try my hand at it. After this they will not have any words but I felt an explanation was in order.

25Dec08Merry Christmas From the Dunmores

We hope you experience the true joy of Christmas this year! Merry Christmas!

Matt, Erin and Willem

6Nov08Willem’s First 6 Weeks

We went to Women’s East on September 18th at 12AM for a scheduled induction. Erin was such a trouper laboring all night and into the afternoon. Poor thing pushed for nearly 3 and a half hours. Willem made his arrival just before 4PM weighing 6lbs and 19 inches long. He was PERFECT. I laughed. I cried. I nearly dropped him when they handed him to me because of my shaking. It was blissful. We were there 4 days in total with one of them being spent under the blue light for jaundice.

Erin’s Mom came to help for the first week… Thank God she did too. I am not sure we would have made it without her. We continued to lay him in the sun to help with the jaundice. We took him to the pediatrician and he had a great report. Then near the end of the first week he started throwing up… sometimes with a very concerning hue to it. So we took him to the emergency room where they mis-weighed him and cause quite the stir (they thought he had lost a whole pound in a couple days). So they took x-rays to be sure he was not obstructed and we spent the better part of the evening in the ER. His doctor suggested we get and Upper GI for him to be sure of the problem and to rule out any of the really bad stuff. We got it and found out he has a pretty active reflux condition. Very common but not that fun nonetheless.

Then a few weeks passed fairly uneventful. We got him in the stroller and took walks up and down the street. We made a couple quick trips to the store here and there. We chased roosters around the yard. You know all the normal stuff you do with a newborn. In early October, my friend Alison from Nashville came down to help me shoot a wedding and she took some beautiful pictures of us here at the house. Then Erin’s sister Sarah paid a visit.

Not too much happened out of the ordinary since then. Take out meals. Lots of diaper changing. Cat naps through the night. I am sure I am missing some big points… It is rather late and I have been up a long time. So I am going to end with this thought I had just earlier today.

Willem was born just 6 short weeks ago and he has been an incredible joy that words cannot express. He has made us truly understand unconditional love in a way that I never thought possible before. I was telling someone that even in the middle of the night when I would much rather be sleeping… while changing his VERY dirty diaper that ended up creating quite a mess… with him screaming, bright red faced because he is so mad… I just looked at him and could do nothing but smile and think how much I love him. In the middle of all that somehow I really think I understand a small part of what it means when the Bible says we are created in God’s image. The love for his children is greater than ours I am sure and I really cant image loving Willem any more than I do.

I want to stop and make a couple thank yous before I get to the pics. I want to thank our friends and family who prayed for us and for Willem through out Erin’s pregnancy and beyond. You mean more to us than you will ever know. Our dear friends Kristen and Paul who threw us one of the best showers I can imagine. They also wrote a song especially for Willem that is just amazing. It is the music for the slideshow :) I want to thank Rhon Logan for sending us such beautiful flowers. The doctors that were responsible for Erin and Willem’s care… None of this would have been possible without you. The staff at Women’s East for helping us with everything… you all were amazing. The ladies of our church’s mom’s group who brought us warm home cooked meals! Alison for some incredible family pictures (some of which are in the slideshow). Everyone who sent cards, wishes, gifts and much more. We love you all and thank you! Most of all we just stand in awe of God for this great blessing and we pray that he will continue to give us wisdom and grace to raise this child in his way.

THIS SLIDESHOW is pics from his first 6 weeks from birth through tonight. There are a bunch of pictures we wanted to put in that just couldn’t fit so if you want to see more please go to my page and mark me as a contact so you can see the pictures.

21Sep08Willem Updates

Couple quick things.

1.) Willem is not breastfeeding very well so we have started supplimenting with formula to make sure he is getting all the nutrients that he needs.

2.) The doctors decided yesterday that he was jaundice and that they needed to give him some photo therapy. What this involves is him laying under a really bright blue light any time he is not breastfeeding. Kinda making us a little sad to see him there and not be able to hold him :( The other thing about the photo therapy is that it makes him feel a little sick (they say flu like symptoms) so he is more fussy than usual and not as interested in eating. Hence not helping with part 1.

Asking for prayers on these to things. Other than that we are still elated that he is so sweet and for the most part extremely healthy and stong. Oh and did I mention CUTE as the day is long? heheh

I am not going to be overloading this blog with pics of him but I will be taking them and I will be posting the on flickr for my private contacts… so if you want to see all the pics and not miss anything here is what you need to do.

  • Go to and either sign in or create a free account.
  • Open my profile page
  • Hover over the image next to my name and and click on the arrow that appears next to it.
  • Select the option to add as contact… make sure I know who you are so I can mark you as a friend or family so you can actually see the pics I am going to put up there too.

Once you are one of my “friends” or “family” you will be able to see the pics on my photostream. I think that will work… I am going to give it a shot anyway.