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23May10Willem takes a bath

Willem always has a good time in the bath. But lately he has had a little trouble keeping the water INSIDE the tub. I had to take away his big soft cup in trade for this makeshift tiny cup (medicine bottle). He has taken to pouring water over his head and face and laughing hysterically.

10Feb10Wordless Wednesday

wordless wednesday - Willem

13Jan10Wordless Wednesday

27Dec09Stockyards Championship Rodeo!

Yeeehaaawwww! What a great time. Went to the rodeo in Fort Worth TX tonight. It was only my 2nd or 3rd and Willem’s first. He was so happy there looking at all the animals. I think he like the horses best :)

Here are a few pics. I took a little video with our new Flip vid cam too but I have to still figure all that out and I may have to post a vid from there if I get it all figured out.

28Nov09I love this kid!

Let’s face it… I have loved this kid from the start. He stole my heart the moment I saw him :) His little personality has always been so fun and it just keeps getting better and better. He is always up for a game up peek-a-boo or come and catch me. I still love him even though he most loves to play these games when I am so tired I can hardly stay away at 6:30 AM :)

Anyway I took these a couple weeks ago when my mom was here and finally got them off the camera tonight and thought I would share them.