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28Nov09I love this kid!

Let’s face it… I have loved this kid from the start. He stole my heart the moment I saw him :) His little personality has always been so fun and it just keeps getting better and better. He is always up for a game up peek-a-boo or come and catch me. I still love him even though he most loves to play these games when I am so tired I can hardly stay away at 6:30 AM :)

Anyway I took these a couple weeks ago when my mom was here and finally got them off the camera tonight and thought I would share them.

10Nov09Kenny and Katherine – Engagement Session

Seems as if I saved all the work for the past few weeks! I am glad that this engagement session was one of them though.

I met Kenny and Katherine out at the Chickamauga Battlefields in time for the best light of the day. We chased the sun around to a couple locations in the park all the while elbowing other photographers and their subjects for all the good natural props and backgrounds. Heheh. Thanks for roaming the park with me guys!

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9Nov09John and Kelly – Engagement Session

I am way behind on a lot of things so I will keep this one short… This was a session of firsts here are a couple.

First time for a couple to have a cut grass fight.
First time for a couple to TOTALLY wipe out while sledding on a chunk of cardboard.
First time a future bride has tracked dog dooty into my car ;)
Other than the dog stuff, we had a blast and I am looking forward to the wedding!

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5Nov09Chris and Ashley – Enagement Session

I love when couples have a story. These two have a great story of being acquaintances all their lives but not until much later reconnecting at none other than a gas station. It was a glance and a chat and that was all it took to put these two together for good.

I went up to Nashville to do this session because we just had to go to that hole in the wall out in the middle of nowhere gas station where it happen. We did some shots downtown Nashville before heading out to Dickson for the gas station.

After we got done with pictures we all went honky tonking downtown. Didn’t see any celebrities but it was loads of fun! Thanks for the opportunity guys and hopefully we can go again :)

Anyway here they are so show them some love :)

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3Nov09Baby Pryce

I love taking pictures of children. These family sessions are always so rewarding for me because I love to watch people relate to their children and to see how they respond. Pryce is such a cute little guy. We spend a couple hours together. He played, posed, bathed and then had a book read to him :) Thanks for having me over guys!

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