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21Sep08Willem Updates

Couple quick things.

1.) Willem is not breastfeeding very well so we have started supplimenting with formula to make sure he is getting all the nutrients that he needs.

2.) The doctors decided yesterday that he was jaundice and that they needed to give him some photo therapy. What this involves is him laying under a really bright blue light any time he is not breastfeeding. Kinda making us a little sad to see him there and not be able to hold him :( The other thing about the photo therapy is that it makes him feel a little sick (they say flu like symptoms) so he is more fussy than usual and not as interested in eating. Hence not helping with part 1.

Asking for prayers on these to things. Other than that we are still elated that he is so sweet and for the most part extremely healthy and stong. Oh and did I mention CUTE as the day is long? heheh

I am not going to be overloading this blog with pics of him but I will be taking them and I will be posting the on flickr for my private contacts… so if you want to see all the pics and not miss anything here is what you need to do.

  • Go to and either sign in or create a free account.
  • Open my profile page
  • Hover over the image next to my name and and click on the arrow that appears next to it.
  • Select the option to add as contact… make sure I know who you are so I can mark you as a friend or family so you can actually see the pics I am going to put up there too.

Once you are one of my “friends” or “family” you will be able to see the pics on my photostream. I think that will work… I am going to give it a shot anyway.

20Sep08Willem Alexander Dunmore – September 18, 2008

Many of you know that my wife and I have been expecting a baby due on October 7th. Some of you knew that we were actually going to be having the baby early. And even fewer of you yet knew that we had him yesterday!

We knew he was going to be the joy of all joys for us but I didn’t realize all of the emotions that would come rushing forth as I watched him emerge and then when I got to hold him for the first time. It was RAW emotion like none I have felt before. I pretty much turned into a crying shaking sap and I loved it. He has forever changed my life and my world. Welcome to the littlest member of our family….

Willem Alexander Dunmore
Born September 18, 2008 at 3:55PM
Weight: 6lbs 0oz.
Length: 19″

Now for the fun stuff

12Sep08Jeffery and Tara – September 6, 2008

Jeffery and Tara are heading off tomorrow for Colorado. No doubt to do some extreme hiking or something ;) But last weekend they were enjoying one of the biggest day of their lives! Tara started her day with her bridesmaids at the Stone Fort Inn for a leisurely brunch. Then Hair a go-go* to get their hair done. From what I understand at least Jeff and maybe some of the the groomsmen went for a run before getting ready for the day.

UTC’s Patten chapel is one of my favorite places. It has such a grandness about it. The green windows pose their challenges but overall I do love it. The reception was at Loose Canon Studio down near main street in Chattanooga. Great day and great people. Congratulations you guys!

Dress: Monica’s
Cake: Kimmee’s Cakes
Flowers: Humphrey’s Flowers
Catering: Connoisseurs Catering
DJ: Heith from Soundforce
Venues: Hair a go*go, The Stone Fort Inn, Patten Chapel, Loose Canon

Click HERE for the slideshow.

10Sep08Tift Merritt at Rhythm N Brews

I love going to Rhythm N Brews. It is such an intimate venue for artists like Tift, and a few others that I love like Christine Kane and Shawn Mullins. I would love to see a few other there like Brooks Williams, Christopher Williams, and Claire Holley. Those would be GREAT shows!

Anyway this was a really good show. At one point the three that were singing came down off the stage and sang acoustic and unplugged in the middle of the crowd. It was awesome! Here are a few pics. I may post more over on the photoblog over the next week or so. We’ll see.

1Sep08Rusty and Meredith – Engagement Session

Rusty and Meredith… these two are into having fun. You can see in the slideshow that I was having trouble getting Meredith to give me a serious face. That’s okay, I can work with happy people too ;)

Just for those who want to know these were taken at the riverfront area. Starting in the sculpture garden where Rusty asked Meredith to marry him. Then along the way down to the aquarium we stopped over by the Hunter Museum and then went under the walking bridge along riverfront parkway. Then over by the Aquarium.

Thanks for fun guys. Looking forward to see The Shack! Click HERE for the slideshow.