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26Jun08Chip and Emily – Engagement Session

Chip and Emily are a fun couple. You will see in the slideshow that they don’t stop laughing and smiling. As a matter of fact I couldn’t get Emily to do a serious face for more than a couple seconds before she would break out in full blown laughter. At one point she was holding her sides because they hurt from laughing so hard!

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26Jun08Trying to get published… You can help!

I am trying to get a photo I took earlier this year published in JPG magazine. I submitted the photo to their “On Stage” theme. All it takes is a few (or a couple hundred) votes to get it in there so run along and if you like it vote for it!

24Jun08Boo Turns Two!

You may recognize a couple of the kids in this post and slideshow… they are actually on the back of my business cards. I did a family session for the Matthews about a year ago and got an email the night before their youngest son’s second birthday asking if I could come shoot it for them. I said yes of course.

It was a fun party up at the Lookout Mountain Fairyland Club. Complete with balloons, clowns and games! The kids seemed to have a great time and I think the adults even had a little fun too :)

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24Jun08Blank is like Blank

I just cant get enough of this guys humor. He does analogies of everyday things and they are just hilarious. Here is the latest one that I think some of you can relate to in one way or another.

“Bringing your baby to a wedding is like being a designated driver:
The odds of actually enjoying yourself are so low that you’re better off just staying home.”
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The site is

23Jun08Greg and Emily – June 14, 2008

Our day started early at Shagedelic for Emily’s hair appointment. A couple of Emily’s friends joined her and worked out some final details over coffee and bagels. Then it was out to Silverdale Baptist for the rest of the preparations, group shots, the beautiful ceremony, and reception!

Cake – Sweet Promises
Catering – Country Place Restaurant

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