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29Feb08New Sharpening Technique

Every now and then I realize I have gotten a little stuck in my ways. I had one of these moments this afternoon when I was checking my RSS feeds that I read through Google Reader and came across a new way to sharpen that is WAY better than the way I have always done it. I almost skipped right by it because I thought I had it down. Well I am glad I watched it.

Basically the new method is to run an action that is part of an action set I already had from Kevin Kubota. It is called Magic Sharpen. It is brilliant! Just do all your processing and resizing and just before you hit save you run the magic sharpen action and then hit save. That is it!

Here is a LINK to where you can buy the action set. This one is in the Production Tools. And HERE is a link to where I learned about this sharpening technique… [b]ecker.

Just check out it out below! Click to make it bigger.

27Feb08Will Ferrel Cracks me up

I found this link on one of the blogs I stalk and thought I would pass it along. It is Will Ferrel and Jack Black singing on the Oscars a few years back. So Funny. Here is the LINK.

23Feb08Chicago in February

Well I just now got a chance to look at the pics I took in Chicago last weekend that were not wedding related. I had a few hours to explore while I waited for the rehearsal on Friday. I walked around downtown on the Michigan Avenue area. I had lunch at Arby’s then got some popcorn at Garrett’s. Then I walked back towards the hotel where I promptly fell asleep on a couch in the lobby! Woke up about 30 minutes later with some people talking near me probably thinking I was a bum who wondered in to warm up. Come to find out the people talking there about 10 feet from me were the bride’s father and a couple other wedding guest :)

Anyway here are a few shots I took. Not too much to look at but thought I would post them anyway. Be sure to check out my photoblog over the next few days for some more from my trip.

20Feb08Boomer and Rebecca – February 16, 2008

So I was in Chicago this past weekend to shoot a wedding with Nellie from up that way. She called me a few months ago to see if I would be interested in coming up to the Windy City to help her out with a wedding. I agreed of course cause first of all I love Chicago and secondly I love to shoot weddings! The added bonus was that I would get to see a few of my friends and family while I was up there.

I got to Chicago on Friday with enough time to do a little exploring before meeting up with Nellie and the bride and groom for a very quick photo session out by the Adler Planetarium. It was cold so we made it really quick but got a couple fun shots of Rebecca and Boomer. I shot the rehearsal and then headed out for the night.

Saturday started at 12:30 for me at the Hilton on Michigan Avenue where the bride and groom were getting ready. Then a trolley ride over to the Field Museum for the rest of the day. Yes you heard me the Field Museum for the ceremony and reception. It was truly magnificent! Thanks to the Rebecca and Boomer for such a wonderful day and thanks for Nellie for having me along :)

Click HERE for the slideshow and make sure to click on the pics below to see them big.

20Feb08Camera Phone Strikes Again

I have been snapping fun stuff with my camera phone. Thought I would share a few again before I go crazy with wedding posts over the next few weeks. Captions will explain the pics if there is any need.