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25Dec07Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to you and your families. I hope you experience the true joy of Christmas this year!

9Dec07Isaiah and Victoria – December 8, 2007

I got to spend the morning photographing the wedding of this lovely couple. Victoria got an early start at the hair salon and I met her at the hotel where she was getting ready around 8 AM. She had a little makeup done by one of her bridesmaids. Dress on and a few last minute adjustments and it was off to Patton Chapel for portraits and the ceremony. The reception was at Foodworks in North Chattanooga.

Click HERE for the slideshow.

8Dec07A little Distractable

Ok sometimes I even surprise myself how distractable I am. Just ask my wife… I can be right in the middle of something and be determined to get it done and then all the sudden I am off doing something else and have no idea what got me off on that tangent. This happens all the time when I am work on pictures. I will processing away and then all the sudden YouTube is up and I am spinning in the black hole of internet that is YouTube.

Well this is a little story about how I got distracted about 4 1/2 years ago and just figured out that I got distracted when I was looking for an image on a backup DVD (which incidentally was because I had been distracted from my work by trying to find a little background image for my blog that I created a few years back)… anyway I started this slideshow video of the pictures that I took while on a family vacation to Europe back in 2002! Yes 2002!

Anyway I really liked the video but I did it on a PC and am now completely Mac so the small edits that I wanted to make were out of the question so what did I do? You guessed it I stopped what I was doing and opened iMovie to recreate some of the magic. Now I have never used iMovie so some of this is not exactly what I wanted but the pics are there. I am done with it too :) So here you go! (just click the play button) oh and I think you will have to have a Quicktime plugin for your browser or be on a Mac. Sorry windows folks… what can I say I am a photographer not a video guy.

EDIT: Had to change the way this worked cause it was killing some other stuff that needed to load in the page. Just click the link to see the vid. Click HERE to watch the slideshow.

EDIT 2: Just uploaded it to YouTube so here you go :)

7Dec07Stone Family

Spent Sunday afternoon with the Stone family while they hung out. We started by putting some candy canes on the Christmas Tree and then ate some of their really cool ginger bread houses that they made at the Creative Discovery Museum. By this time the kids were starting to loosen up and they began goofing around. By goofing around I mean wrestling, jumping on and off furniture, chasing the dog and swording robots off the table! We had a good time.

Check out the Slideshow HERE.

6Dec07Hoorah for Sinterklaas

One of the things I really enjoy about my wife and her family is that they are strongly rooted in their Dutch heritage. As a matter of fact I think I am the first non-dutch blood to enter their family line. And yet somehow they get by and I survive family get togethers :)

Anyway one of the Dutch traditions that I have started to enjoy is the celebration of Sinterklaas Day. It is all about the Dutch Santa if you will. You can read about him and Sinterklaas Day here on Wikipedia. This year I woke to a couple Sinterklaas surprises… I got a subscription to one of my favorite magazines (Digital Photo Pro) and some candies. Erin got a really really cool Sinterklaas bobble body. I have a sneaking suspicion who acted on Sinterklaas’ behalf but only they know for sure.

Check out the goodies