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29Oct07Anya and David – October 21, 2007

This was a really cool wedding. Anya grew up in western Europe and many of their guests came all the way from there as well. Interesting though since I had to have Anya translate much of anything I said to several of her guests :)

I love this couple because of their pure joy in each other. You can see it in their eyes in many of these pictures. Anyway enough with the talk and more with the pics ;)

Click HERE for the slideshow.

26Oct07Hiking in NC

I did something I have not done in like 6 years when my college roommate Roger talked me into going hiking with him when we visited Erin and I in Chattanooga. That’s right I went hiking today with the Kate and her bridesmaids. I am shooting her wedding tomorrow and they were all going hiking today so I came up early to go with them and take some pics of it :)

Here are a few quick picks from the day. I have not even looked through them all but I just wanted to post a few that show just gorgeous it is here.

21Oct07Tommy and Jimmy – October 17, 2007

I got an opportunity to go up and hang out with Tommy again and this time we had Jimmy too. You may remember Tommy from a couple years ago when I did a session with him in Coolidge Park. We had some fun out in the yard with pumpkins and kickballs and I found out that Tommy is pretty good at Bocce Ball.

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18Oct07Something funny

Ok I sorta forgot that part of having this blog was to post fun stuff on here too. I got this forwarded to be from a co worker. It is pretty hilarious… especially if you can hear the yakity sax song going in your head while you watch it.


17Oct07My new iPodTouch

well I just got my ipod touch in the mail today and it is so cool I can’t tell you. I am blogging from it over the wireless network. Ok back to work.