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30Aug07Joey and Amy – August 25, 2007

Knoxville, TN at 95 degrees doesn’t sound like much fun until you add in that you are shooting the wedding for one of the most wonderful couples in the area! It was so fun to watch these two be sooo happy and in love all day long. It was soo much fun to catch them giving loving looks to each other all day. I think you will see what I mean when you watch the slideshow. Thanks Alison for having me along. Congratulations Joey and Amy you guys are such a great couple :)

Click HERE for the slideshow and as always click below for a few of my favorites.

29Aug07US Airways and Me

What would I have to do with US Airways you may ask? Well about 2 months ago I got a call from a representative for the design company that does the US Airways in-flight magazine and they wanted to talk about using some of my photos in their upcoming issue. After some negotiations and discussions they decided on one of my favorites.

You can see it in the pics below and you can see it on my photoblog HERE.

20Aug07Jason and Deborah – August 18, 2007

This was a fun bunch! Early weddings equal early mornings. Alison picked me up from the hotel at 7:00 AM so that we could get to Salon Suites in Cool Springs by 8:30 for the hair appointments. It was a cool little place with a bunch of little salons in the same building all with very unique looks. Deborah and the gals were there for a couple hours and then went over to the church to get ready for formals.

In the mean time… the guys were waking up late and slowly moving towards the church :) They all got there and things got rolling. I shot the guys portraits while Alison shot the girls. This makes things go really smooth and quickly. Anyway the ceremony was beautiful and long enough for us to move around abit and get some varied angles. The wedding party rode to the reception in a street trolley which was really cool. Alison will have some pics of that and from inside it I am sure on her blog but I was driving her car so I just have the memories ;)

Reception was at an Embassy Suites ballroom. Nice and big room with plenty of room for the guest to mingle. The party really got rolling and there was lots of fun being had out on the dance floor!

Click HERE for a slideshow and make sure to click on the thumbnails below for a bigger version and description.

13Aug07Between the Bridges Festival

Chattanooga is cool about having things going on! There always seems to be something happening on the riverfront. Last weekend they had Dragon Boat races and this week they had the Between the Bridges Festival. It was an entire weekend of wake boarding, skate boarding, and music concerts. I decided on Friday to go down but it was so hot all weekend that I waited until the end of the last day to go down to snag a few photos. It was fun. I always enjoy being around all that energy and these guys had some energy.

I missed all of the main on river events because I got there too late. But I did manage to get there in time for the rail jam. They had this pool set up on the riverfront with a wooden rail coming out of it going across about 30 feet and then down into the river. They backed up a jet ski and pulled people on wake boards across the pool, up on the rail, and down into the river. It was fun to watch. Some crashed and burned and others made it the whole distance and then out into the river.

Here are a few of the pics I took. I imagine a few more will make it to my photoblog over the next week or so.

11Aug07Hangglide Lookout Mnt.

This is a follow up to the photo outting and then my photo of the day. I stopped at the hanggliding facility on Lookout Mnt. after the photo outing the other night to see if there was anyone waiting for the sunset to jump. Much to my joy there was! This young guy was just about to go when I pulled up. I was there just in time to get a shot of his gear before he slipped it on. Then to get a few shots of him getting ready to go and then the leap of faith.