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26Jul07Arthur is my hero

I got an email this morning from my new hero Arthur at KEH Camera. Here it is:

Hi Matt,

*You’ve got the camera.* It should leave here within 24 hours.

Thanks again,

Yesssss Whoooooo!

24Jul07Oh can it be???

I got a very happy call this afternoon! Seems my favorite camera store KEH is getting a shipment of Canon 1D MKIII camera’s in tomorrow and I am in the mix to receive one. If they get more than a couple I will have one in my hands on Thursday!!!!!!!!! Can you tell I am not going to sleep tonight waiting for the sales guy to call in the morning to let me know whether I get one or not?

21Jul07Fun in Atlanta!

Erin made me take a little mini vacation (one night and a day :) this weekend. I have been so busy lately the thought of taking any time “off” sorta stressed me out a little but once we got there I totally embraced the no work thing! We stayed at the Omni Hotel at the CNN Center in the heart of Atlanta. There was only valet parking so we left the keys with the valet and headed in to check-in. When we came back down to go out to eat the valet could not find our keys for like 15 minutes :S Once he found them we took off for our favorite mexican restaurant Don Pablos. Back to the hotel for what I thought was going to be a little swimming on the rooftop pool but alas it was 10:05 and the pool closed at 10PM. So I walked around the hotel a bit and took a few pics out some of the windows and hallways… then we watched some tv til we went to bed.

Got up this morning and went to our new favorite grocery store in Mid Town… Trader Joes! Erin is in love with half the stuff in that store and I am in love with the prices. It is great stuff mostly organic and natural foods and the prices are like going to Walmart for must stuff! Then we hit up Ikea for some plastic bins that Erin needed for her classroom. Then we sped off to On The Border (another favorite mexican restaraunt). Fajitas all the way around. Then we raced home for a photo shoot I had this evening. As we pulled in the drive, I got a call saying that the shoot was off. Molly I hope your uncle is ok! Erin… Thanks for making me take a mini vacation and sorry it wasn’t longer!

Here are a few pics I took with my G5 from the weekend.

17Jul07Debbie and Drew’s Engagement Session

Debbie contacted me a few weeks ago about doing some engagement photos this weekend. She flew in from New Mexico for the weekend to see her husband to be Drew. This was one of the only chances they had to get their engagement photos done. Since I had an engagement session on Friday night and a wedding on Saturday, we scheduled it for Sunday evening. Well Sunday evening arrived at the same time a thunder storm rolled in :)

Luckily Debbie had one more day in town and we could reschedule. So there we were on our rain date and what does it do but start raining half way through! It was still fun and I think we got a lot of fun stuff in the short time we had. Debbie and Drew… you guys were fabulous to work with and I want to thank you for taking me on my very first fire call!

Click HERE for the slideshow and make sure you click on the images below for bigger versions :)

15Jul07Nichole and Ricky – July 14, 2007

Who knew I would be in Huntsville shooting a wedding with the almost famous Alison Bynum? Whatever the case it was a great day. We started our coverage with Nichole and the gals at The Masters Salon in Huntsville where they all got their hair done. Then we followed Nichole to a Terrame Day Spa which was fabulous. I could have hung out in that manicure pedicure room all day. Nichole had her nails touched up and then her makeup done. Light was nice in there and they we were all having fun singing along to the radio… even though I had never heard some of the songs… ahem! After that we went with Nichole to her house in Hampton Cove.

The ceremony was outside at The Hampton House (a club house of sorts for the community). They setup a gazebo and some nice white chairs on the back patio and it was very intimate and nice. Reception followed inside where there was a lot of laughter and a great live band.

Click HERE for my slideshow and below for larger sizes of some of my favorites.