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25Jun07Bob and Misty – June 23, 2007

I am so glad Alison invited me up for this one. Bob and Misty threw a wonderful wedding celebration. They held both their ceremony and the reception at Daffodil Hill in Murfreesboro near Nashville. Unbelievably hot but somehow once we got rolling with the ceremony everyone seemed to forget that it was in the mid 90’s!

Ceremony was standing room only on the front lawn. Starting about 30 minutes before sunset so the light was soo nice. After that the reception got rolling with drinks and a wonderful buffet. Then the party really got rockin’ when the band turned up the heat. Once the dance floor started hopping there was no stopping til the cops showed up around 11pm and demanded the music be turned down :)

Click HERE for the slideshow and see a few of my favorites below.

8Jun07Peyton Manning and the Media

Interesting how these sorts of things come about. I was sitting at my desk at work when I got a call from Sylvia over at Chattanooga Style Magazine. She needed someone to go photograph Peyton Manning at his locally co-owned gym D1 Sports Training center.

When I told my co-workers (who are all TN Vols fans) they were a touch on the jealous side seeing how I was not completely sure I could pick him out of a crowd :) Anyway it was fun and I have now been to my first press conference as a photographer. Here are a few of the pics I took.

4Jun07Jen and Mike – May 27, 2007

It has been pretty busy around here the last two weeks. I think I mentioned that I shot two weddings last weekend. The first with Rich near Sewanee on Saturday and then this one with Alison Bynum up in Franklin, TN on Sunday. I don’t know how people who shoot more than one wedding a week do it.

Anyway, it was a wonderful day for Jen and Mike. We started with Jen as she got ready in a nice and big kitchen of a townhome. Great light in there and great atmosphere too… very laid back and calm. After that Alison and I headed down to the church for some detail shots and the guys formals. Doing formals outside is so nice. I always think that the pictures look better when they are done around some trees or interesting architecture. Then we did the girls formals and some casual family shots also outside. Ceremony was really nice. We were not supposed to take any pics during the ceremony but I got off a few shots without being noticed… I think they will like having them :)

The reception was in this really cool old factory that was converted in to office and shopping space. I really liked it. We set up some off camera flash to get some interesting lighting. Loved it!

Click HERE for the slideshow… and some of my favorites below!

2Jun07120gb Side Kick

So excited about my new little external harddrive. I got it to solve my little problem I was having of constantly running out of memory on my laptop when I needed it most. I saw it the other day at SAMS Club and couldn’t resist it.

It is a Seagate FreeAgent Go. I love this company for its simple approach to product design and packaging. I took some pictures to show you what I mean. It comes in a small box with no frills. In the box is just enough packaging to keep it safe, the hard drive, and the cord. Nice!

1Jun07Happy Happy Birthday Erin!

Just a quick post to let you know if you see my beautiful wife today… tell her happy birthday! She turns 29 today :) Happy birthday Erin!