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31May07Baby Kathryn – May 29, 2007

What a pleasure it was to spend the evening with our friends Albert and Karen and their precious baby girl, Kathryn. She is such a wonderful baby and I had so much fun photographing her. Thanks guys… I hope you enjoy these photos!

Click HERE for the slideshow and make sure to check out my favorites below :)

28May07Bonnie and Brian – May 26, 2007

What a great day in Sherwood, TN! To find it you have to get off the main roads and get behind all the mountains and ridges that you would see from any of the main roads. It was great. Thanks to Rich for letting me hang out with him on his first wedding.

Bonnie and Brian had put together a beautiful little wedding in the front yard of Bonnie’s parent’s home. It was small and personal and it seemed to fit them just perfectly. Bonnie said while she was getting her hair done that she would rather be out on her mountain bike and I believe it! Pretty sure they were headed for the outdoors for a nice relaxing honeymoon :)

Click HERE for a slideshow… and enjoy a few of my favs below.

28May07Sir Goony’s YAY!

Ok… I have been trying to talk Erin in to thinking Sir Goony’s sounded like a great time since we moved here and finally got the thumbs up on Friday night! We went out to eat with our good friends Paul and Kristen Gardner and then went to Sir Goony’s for a little late night mini golf and Go Carting! It was so much fun I can’t wait to go back. For some reason going 15mph around a tiny track in a go kart that I don’t fit in worth a hoot is a ton of fun! A few highlights below. Kristen we warned you that if you stuck your head in that lion water fountain that it would end up on here ;)

27May07Teaser from Brian and Bonnie’s Wedding

I only have a minute so I am just going to share one of these that I couldn’t wait for you to see from Bonnie and Brian’s wedding that I shot with Rich Smith yesterday.

More on this one later for sure but for now I am heading up to Nashville to shoot with Alison Bynum again :) Alison I will see you in a couple hours!

22May07Super Suppers Fun

Erin has been wanting to go to Super Suppers for quite some time now. She mentioned it to our friend Amber and found another willing party so they made it a date. Heather made last minute plans to join and made it a threesome… I went to take pictures :)

If you have not checked out Super Suppers you should. It is a really cool idea where you go to this place where they have all the ingredients ready cut, diced, sliced, frozen, stirred… blah blah blah. You follow recipes and put the dishes together. They do all the work and cleanup… its great! Here are a few fun pics from tonight.