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30Apr07Strut n’Style Fashion show

I have been shooting some for Chattanooga Style Magazine the last few months. I shot the March of Dimes Gala back in November and their issue release Red Party in January… which is appears I forgot to blog about.

I got a call from Sylvia Cintron at Chattanooga Style asking if I wanted to shoot a fashion show… I didn’t hesitate to say of course! It was on Sunday and I had a blast. I got there early enough to get some behind the scenes shots of the girls getting ready to walk the runway. Then I shot the whole show and the booths in the back. It was a great charity event benefiting the Ronald McDonald House here in Chattanooga. Some of the local boutiques that participated were: Boutique Couture, Sophie’s, Francesca’s, Snooty Hooty, Backstreet Betty’s, Elea Blake Cosmetics and Lula’s. Probably missed a shop or two if you know of one I missed or know the website for the others let me know.

Anyway I made a slideshow of some of my favorite shots from the afternoon. Click HERE to view it. Also here are a few highlights :)

30Apr07Fun Prom Pictures

My buddy Jeff Breedlove called me up a few weekends ago to see if I was available for this past saturday night to do some prom pics for his neighbor and her friend. I was a bit reluctant at first but hey taking pics is taking pics. I figured we could have some fun somehow right?

My first reaction was wrong… this was actually quite a bit of fun. Teenage girls love to have their pictures taken and that is always fun. Since I posted a few pictures of Ashley and Shelby on my photoblog last week from the pre prom shoot Jeff and I did with them downtown (Ashley and Shelby) I figured I would post a few from Saturday when they were all dressed up.

22Apr07Mikados for Lunch

Had lunch with some great friends on Friday. Amber and Nathan Holritz with their cute kids Addison and Austen. I have seemed to win over little Addison. Last week she thought I was “scary” now she kinda likes me so I got to sit by her. Rich and Heather Smith were also in attendance. We all met at Mikados noodle house for some delicious Chinese and Japanese food. I had some Spicy Chicken which was like General Tso’s Chicken… My favorite. It was awesome.

Anyway, right off the bat Amber squirted a steady stream of lemon juice in her eye and I had to grab a pic of it cause although I am sure it hurt a lot it was quite funny. Addison got rice and stuff all over the place including on me my camera and all over the table. Towards the end she was chewing on this piece of broccoli and I thought it was hilarious. Then we all went outside for a group shot. Good times.

22Apr07Blue Plate and Clumpies

I love a good Saturday. I got to sleep in and then decided to do some yard work… one of my short term life goals is to have a decent looking yard this year. I have kept up with it so far but admittedly it is early in the summer. Wish me luck. After I got done with that I came in and showered, relaxed a little in front of the TV. Then our friend Kristen called to see what we were doing for dinner. We all decided to go to Blue Plate downtown Chattanooga. After that we went to Dick’s Sporting Goods to exhange some shoes Erin got in Atlanta yesterday. Then back down to Clumpies for some ice cream. I took a few pics although they dont really tell the story I still like them so I am posting them. Look for a few on the photoblog over the next week too.

Here is a link to a shot of me upside down.

19Apr07Mark III… 4×4?

I was unaware that there was such a thing. Maybe I need one of these to go with my Canon mkIII… I wish they would start shipping them already :)