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28Mar07Contact Form Malfunction

Oh man… I just realized yesterday that my contact form was malfunctioning and that I have not been getting anything submitted through it. I have no idea how long this has been going on either. If you have been trying or tried to get a hold of me via the contact form on this site, PLEASE try it again now.

I sincerely apologize for this and I really want to hear from you!

28Mar07Baby Abby – March 2007

I got to photograph baby Abby again tonight. They were in town for Abby’s aunt’s birthday which was today. Abby is getting so big :) Seems like she has grown soooo much since the last time that I saw her in January.

Click HERE for the slideshow. Below and on my photoblog are a few of my favorites.

26Mar07My Work on Display at MOJO Burrito

It has been a while since my Greyfriars big opening back in October but now I have some of my photos displayed in MOJO Burrito in St. Elmo.

I have several new pieces on display including 2 of my very favorite prints from our Thanksgiving trip to Chicago. You can see them there the rest of this month and through the end of April. Stop by, have some lunch and enjoy the art :)

25Mar07Team up your batteries for better life

Here is a little tip I thought I would share. I learned this a while back from my friend Jason and then have heard it several times from different sources.

Teaming up your batteries can greatly improve your batteries life and longevity. Apparently there is something about using and charging your batteries together in the same set that helps them last longer when used and also improve their over all life. Don’t ask me why I just thought I would pass along the info.

I currently have 7 sets of 4 AA batteries and I have used a Sharpie to place numbers on the side. I also have a case that I can store them as sets so that it is easy to find the teams.

22Mar07Sarah and Drew with Alison Bynum

WOW… Last Friday was FUN! I assisted the lovely and talented Alison Bynum in Nashville with her season opening wedding. Sarah and Drew were a great couple and I had a blast!

Erin’s brother was in town so Erin, Her brother Alex and I left for Nashville early Friday morning. They dropped me off at Alison’s house in Symrna and we drove in together from there. We started at the Relache Spa in the Opryland Hotel where the ladies got hair and makeup done. Then I headed up to the guys room while Alison hung out with the girls. We did formals and group shots outside the Scarritt Bennett Center in Nashville. Then moved inside for the ceremony. That place was amazing. The reception was held back at the Opryland in the Magnolia Room. Very nice!

Click HERE for the slideshow and enjoy a few of my many favorites below!