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29Oct06Baby Ella

I got to photograph Ella today. I shot Chris and Tracy’s wedding so it was fun to see them again and share another important part of their lives with them. Congratulations guys… Ella is beautiful!

Below are a few of my favorites. Click HERE for the slideshow.

24Oct06Mj and Courtney with the Holritz’s

WOW! I had a blast with the Holritz’s on Sunday. They are so gracious to let me hang out with them and steal a few photos here and there! This was a really fun couple. They started out at the Stone Fort Inn to get ready. Then the ceremony was at Patten Chapel on the UTC campus downtown. After that they had the reception at the Lookout Mountain Country Club. Amazing time.

Click HERE for the slideshow of my favorite pics. Here are a few as a teaser. And don’t forget to check out the H Blog for some of theirs… they are a truly talented duo!

17Oct06Wedding with the Holritz’s

Let me just say Amber and Nathan are incredible. They are amazing photographers and amazing people. Open and sharing about anything and everything. I got to shoot a wedding with them this past weekend and I had tons of fun! I got a few images that I am pretty proud of and hopefully I helped them out a little in the process.

Click HERE for a slideshow of my favorites. Here are a few that I really like as well.

13Oct06Photo meeting – skate park shoot

So I head up a small photo group here in Chattanooga and we get together once a month. The group used to be bigger… not sure what happen around the time I took over but it started dwindling (I hope it didn’t have to do with me taking leadership over :S )

We had our October meeting last night at Starbucks downtown. Had a couple new faces and a couple repeat offenders as well. After a good time of chatting and sharing tall tails, some of us went shooting at the local skate park. There was a kid there doing some crazy stuff on a bike. See the photo below of him completely upside down about 12 inches off the ground. Rich told that guy laying there to “be careful now…” we decided that he was the old guy of the bunch ;)

13Oct06Brad and Melissa with Alison Bynum

If you follow my photoblog you will know that I shot a wedding with Alison Bynum up in the Nashville area last weekend. Alison is a great photographer and really fun to shoot with. I learned some things about getting through formals in a timely fashion… Alison, you were great working with those people and got all the groups done in no time. Anyway, we had fun and got some great stuff!

Click HERE for a slideshow of my favorite images. There are a few selections below and then check out this link to see some of Alison’s shots.