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30Aug06Mathis and Rachel – August 2006

I got the privilege to shoot Mathis and Rachel again last night. They are fun and cute! Rachel doesn’t stop moving… ever! A challenge to get a sharp image :) Be sure to check out the slideshow here. And a few of my favorites below.

To see all of the images you can click on the cart button in the bottom right of the slideshow and it will take you to the gallery on Pictage. That goes for all the slideshows on this site.

28Aug06Vanessa and Jason’s Enagement Shoot

I went out with Jason and Vanessa on Friday night to shoot their engagement session. They are a great couple and after a little coaxing Jason actually warmed up and smiled for us. The photos look great guys and I Jason I think it was worth it after all! Check out the slideshow here.

24Aug06Version 2.0

Kerry, our programer at work, had a baby last week and he is cute as ever. They named him Cameron Ross. Here are a few photos I grabbed when Kristin brought him to the office this morning.

22Aug06Cool Photoblogs

I was doing a bit of photoblog surfing the other night and I came across this site which is an alternative to It is called CoolPhotoblogs. Anyway what does is offer photobloggers a place to promote their site and work. Not sure how many photoblogs are on the list but it is sure to grow.

So that being said, I am trying to promote my site to get better search engine results and ultimately make photography my career so feel free to go over to my profile on and mark it as “cool” :)

17Aug06Update on the eBay Fraud

I have an update on the eBay Fraud I reported here earlier. I received a message from another eBayer saying they received a fake Sandisk card from the same seller. So I decided to contact the other users that purchased 4gb cards on the same auction that I did and just let them know I was ripped off and that they may want to look into it.

In addition to this I have escalated my dispute with this seller in PayPal to a claim so PayPal is now investigating this and will take proper action against this seller. Next step… Get eBay to suspend this seller. Oh by the way if you are reading this and want to know the seller’s eBay id it is fgulsen. Stay safe on eBay!