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31Jul06Shooting at the Park

I shot with the Young family again tonight. They are good friends and they have precious children. We went down to Clumpies Ice Cream for starts and then moved on to the carousel for a ride or two. We had a good time and but you can tell that from the photos :) Check out the slideshow here and the photos below.

23Jul06[Re] decorating

I guess it would probably just be called decorating since we have finally starting hanging photos on the walls of our home after a year of inhabitance :) Here are a few photos of some of what was done.

Erin got those red pillows last week and we hung the Eifel Tower photo there and rearranged the black cabinet with a new lamp and put flowers in the test tube vases. We also hung the black thing above the white mirror. It is a craft that we made at the Polinder Family Reunion in Washington. It says “Lord, you have been our dwelling plave throughout all generations.” Psalm 90:1

Many thanks to Erin’s parents for helping with thing around here including some mold control, photo hanging, and general arranging.

22Jul06Photo Outing to the Aquarium

As some of you know, I am the leader of a local photography club here in Chattanooga. We have a meeting on the second Thursday of the month and a photo outing on the last fourth Saturday of the month. Well I have been told that summer turnouts are low but so far since I took over the leadership I have been the only member of the group to show up :) I have had several other non members come shoot with me and this month was the same. Nathan Holritz and kids were nice enough to come hang out with me. It was a good time. The Aquarium was busier than I have ever seen it so moving was a bit slow. Anyway here are a few photos from my afternoon at the Aquarium.

11Jul06Polinder Family Reunion

Ok I stayed up late to get these photo ready for the web. I have pulled a selection of my faves to show what Erin and I did last week at the Polinder Family Reunion in Lynden, Washington. It was a bunch of fun. I am going to do more photos after I decide what I am going to post on the photoblog and what will be left over. But here is a start for you.

Flew into Seattle and saw Pikes Market (fish market… think fish throwing and tons of people) had lunch and headed over to Seattle center to see the Space needle. We went for a drive up Mt. Baker for a picnic and some photos at Picture Lake. That night we had a wiener roast by the Nooksac River and fireworks followed (it was the 4th of July after all. Then we headed off to Cedar Springs Resort for the actual reunion. It was really nice and I had a blast following the kids around taking photos of them. The grounds had tons of wonderful flowers too :) After the reunion we headed back the family farms… I got to take some photos of cows and farm stuff. Marge took me to the border in Blaine where the Peace Arch is located. Pretty cool I must say. It sits in land that is between the the border checkpoints for the US and Canada.

2Jul062006 VW Rabbit

Bet you my dad is wishing he had not just bought a Ford! Check out the new VW Rabbit.