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Give me a camera and I can figure it out. Give me a complex Photoshop task and I can figure it out. Computers… I can figure it out. So tell me why does a fax machine give me so much grief? Seriously, I cringe when someone asks me if I can fax them something. I suppose it may have something to do with me only using a fax machine once or twice a year I don’t know.

27Jun06It’s a Boy

I ran across an offer I couldn’t refuse last weekend. It was on for an original Lensbaby. If you are not familiar with the lensbaby take a look at their site and you will be amazed. It is sort of a poor man’s tilt-shift lens. You can achieve focus in one spot and completely distort the rest of the image.

Nothing like taking a $1500 camera and slapping a cheap piece of glass on the front with a flexible tube for focusing. It almost felt like a crime taking off my 70-200mm F2.8 IS to put this thing on… but fun nonetheless :) It is going to take some real getting used to but I had a chance to give it a shot or two. Here are a couple shots of it and a few of my first trys.

Thanks for the deal Rachel!

25Jun06The Young Family

I shot the Young family on Friday night. They were great as usual. Rahcel playing with those blocks… Precious! I hope you guys like them. Here is the slideshow.

21Jun06Summertime… in the City

Temps are in the high nineties today. This is going to take some getting used to. I am glad that I don’t have to work out in this weather and that my office is almost too chilly for me to bear some days :) This little image is a screen capture of my desktop weather station. It is my little window to the world while I am stuck inside at work all day long without windows! Nice for days like this and when there are tornados in the area but otherwise a touch gloomy.


I took this last Friday down at Coolidge Park while I was scouting settings for portraits with Katie and Tommy. He is throwing two boomerangs you can see one of them in the air out in front of him. It was fun to watch him throw and catch them.