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30May06FedEx Flights Thunderstorm Deviation

I found this courtesy of Nicholas Dekker, a friend from Calvin. It is a video of FedEx flights into Memphis with an overlay of the radar map so you can see what happens when the flights are diverted due to thunderstorms. Click here to see the video. BTW make sure you have your volume on if you have it… it will make the video all that much more enjoyable :)

29May06Rachel and Mathis

I had a shoot with Rachel and Mathis on Saturday morning. They are a couple of the cutest kids around! Here are a few of my favorites… What do you think?

24May06Chris and Tracy

I met with Chris and Tracy after work today for their engagement shoot. We met at Cloudland Station at the foot of Lookout Mountain. The photos turned out great so I thought I would share them… Congratulations Chris and Tracy!

23May06Dilbert on Contracts

I was way to close to having to sign one of these!

18May06Roosters Next Door

Erin came home to a sight this afternoon. She instant messaged me “You will never believe what I saw… chickens and roosters next to the road!” Sure enough there were about 5 or 6 roosters scratching around the neighbors yard!