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30Mar06Giant RC Airbus

As you may or may not know… I used to fly R/C planes in high school. I came across this the other day and thought it was pretty cool. Video of a giant flying R/C Airbus.

30Mar06Simpsons Unplugged

If you love the Simpsons, this is for you. A guy playing the Simpson’s theme song on a guitar. Worth watching even if you are not a fan of the Simpson’s.

28Mar06Get you one

Go ahead and get yourself a badonkadonk. Well… go ahead! Ok so you may be on a budget but you can afford some of this prepixelated clothing in case you ever want to be on TV.

27Mar06At least 20 minutes of fun

Try this fun brussel sprout game. It is at least 20 minutes of fun. (via Joshua)

26Mar06New Wardrobe

We have finished our break from working and started to put the bedroom back together. Yesterday we went to Atlanta and bought a wardrobe. Here are a couple of photos.