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28Feb06Just Call Me Mister Fix-It

I am not going to complain but anyone who knows me knows that this sort of thing is not my bag. I am not handy. I am not precise. I can’t wrap my head around the whole fix-it project to make sure that I don’t break something I can’t fix in the process of trying to fix something else. That being said I do like to save a buck or a couple hundred. Here are a few photos I took of a project I have under way right now.

That is drywall to the side of the toilet, reseat the toilet tank once I have the drywall patched (it was leaking and having it off makes it easy to get at the drywall), and drywall behind all the shower board which will also need to be replaced. We then will need to just paint the bathroom and get carpet installed back in the bedroom. We have some picked out we just have to get the room ready for it and have it installed. That should end the renovations/fix-its in the master bedroom and master bath.

22Feb063D Room Painting

Ever seen a room that is painted so they show a particular image if you view it from the correct angle? This is extremely cool so beware. (got this from here is the link.


I found a reference to this in a comment on Scott’s blog and found it to be pretty interesting. thought you might like to hear about it. It is a photo technique that involves taking photos with a digital camera through the eye piece of a spotting scope. Check out these links for more information.

21Feb06Canon Introduces the 30D

Canon 30DRumors have been flying on Canon forums all over the net about what Canon would release as their next new camera. Well Canon released their newest camera this morning. It is called the 30D and is reported as a “mild evolution of the EOS 20D.”

From what I can tell there were only a few notable changes to the 20D including:

  • Larger LCD Monitor
  • Soft-touch shutter release
  • Spot metering
  • Increased life of shutter

There were some other minor (IMO) upgrades but nothing that made me wish I had waited to make the upgrade to the 20D. Some of them include: body design revisions, faster start up (how can you complain about 2 milliseconds of the 20D), ISO selectable in 1/3 stops instead of 1 stop, Selectable 5 or 3 fps continuous shooting modes, and more. You can read more about it here.

Canon 30D backI know some people will be disappointed that Canon has not made more changes to the 20D but I am not surprised. The 20D is a fantastic camera leaving little to be desired. People are so hung up on megapixels and thinking more is always better, but this 8.2 mp produces such clean images that they can easily be printed 16×20 without compromising quality. I am sure that Canon knows both sides of this argument and when Nikon released their D200 with 10 MP in the same price range it made them look twice. However I believe that Canon has a great camera lineup that is more than competitive and with their lens selection and quality of build how can you go wrong when buying Canon?

20Feb06Strange Transmissions

Got a strange message message on our voicemail this morning. Click here to listen to it.