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31Dec05Happy Birthday Sarah

Ten years ago on your birthday at about this time you were dancing with a bright blue cast on your leg… Wonder how you can top that for a birthday celebration. Have a great birthday Sarah.

31Dec05Happy New Year!

I think that says it all. Have a Happy New Year Everyone!

30Dec0575 Degrees

I decided to take an alarm clock/room thermometer that Erin and I bought last year to work today. It started out at 70.4 degrees at 9:00 AM… Plenty warm for a midwesterner in the middle of winter already! I just got back from Central Park for lunch and it has just topped 75 degrees! 75 DEGREES in my office. I had to turn the A/C on :) Doesn’t make much difference today what I do since all of the other people who share this building with us are on holiday for the New Year.

75.3 ….. 3:00 PM
75.5 ….. 3:15 PM

28Dec05Look a Likes

Seems as if my self portrait series is catching on. See this link and this one. Really I don’t have any evidence that my series had anything to do with these series. It is amusing to see photo subjects spread through the photo-blogosphere. I have noticed it happen several times and even participated on occasion.

25Dec05Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you all experience the true meaning of Christmas this year…the birth of our Lord and Savior.