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29Nov05November Stats

Just a quick note about a new record stat. Yesterday was the highest traffic ever on this site. I had 474 unique visitors! The average number of unique visitors per day over the last 30 days is 144.

I know it has been a while since I reported the last record being something like 78 in one day but I have had loads more traffic in the last two months and I was waiting to see how it would level out before posting more stat info. Anyway I was pretty excited to see that number grow throughout the day yesterday.

Here are a few quick stats for the last 30 days:

Highest unique visitors: 474
Average per day: 144
30 day Total: 4,457

Highest page loads (hits): 1,842
Average per day: 783
30 day Total:24,285

29Nov05The Gigapixel

Here is another cool photography link for you. It is a group that has developed a “Gigapixel” camera. It is a little difficult to get your head around but they are not talking about a digital camera, but rather a film camera that the film is so large that if you scan it with ultra high res cameras you get the digital equivalent of a very very large digital camera. Give the project overview a read I think they do a better job of explaining it than I do. Here is a link to their site.

29Nov05Photo a Mile

Found this a while back but rediscovered it. I am putting it here so I don’t ever loose track of it again but anyone with a travellin itch or photo interested will find it interesting!

This guy travelled from New York, NY to San Fran, CA taking a photo every mile the entire way and documented it on this site.

23Nov05Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Erin and I will be hosting some the Bos family here tomorrow. Uncle Kevin and Aunt Cindy, their son Jonathan, and Grandma and Grandpa Bos will all be here tomorrow to enjoy the fruits of Erin’s labor :)

Erin took advantage of her day off to make many of the dishes ahead of time to finish up tomorrow. Mash potatoes are done. Sweet potato casserole is done. Turkey is roasted and carved. Now just to get it all heated up to the right temperature at the same time…

22Nov05Cr824 Conference Chattanooga

Cr824 Conference ChattanoogaLast Friday Williams Web took the afternoon off to go to the Cr824 Conference downtown Chattanooga. Pretty unique that the conference was held here in Chattanooga as it is an international design conference. Being the big deal that it is, we all thought it would be pretty good and really packed. Speaking for myself, I was a little let down.

There were a few good speakers but the one that I was looking forward to ended up being a sales pitch for Adobe GoLive. Most of the audience gasped when they found out what it was about. You see…GoLive does not have a very good reputation among web professionals. I think it stems back to the early days of GoLive when it had some serious issues. It appears that Adobe has been working on it quite a bit. All things considered I think I would use GoLive for some of its features. For armatures I really think it is a decent product. I would be interested what code purists would think of the code that GoLive outputs?

Oh yeah, the picture. I would like to say this was an excitingly popular or big name speaker but honestly it was a lawyer giving a talk about copyright law :) Click the image to see it bigger.