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25Oct05Darkroom Anyone?

Well thanks to a really cool couple in WI, I will soon have my very own darkroom! My dad and step-mother’s friends have donated an enlarger and this weekend when Dad and Andrea come down they will deliver it. I am so excited I can hardly contain myself. I have not been in a darkroom in more than 9 years and I can still smell the chemicals and…oh yeah the chemicals, I will probably have to install a fan in the laundry room to be able to use the darkroom…

Too bad about what happen to that cool couple’s house when they were away on vacation! Click the thumbnail to see it bigger. Seriously thank-you guys. I really appreciate it. I think I own you the first good print I make with this stuff!

Anyway here are links to a couple of photos of the equipment that is on its way: the enlarger, print dryer, various darkroom goodies.

22Oct05Planes, Trains, and Automobiles…Well 2 out of 3 ain’t bad!

I am home. I got here around 1:30 last night. That made for a long day. Up at 7:20 for 8:00 meetings…meetings til 11:30…business lunch til 12:45…drive to airport from 1:00-3:30…airports and planes til 10:30…drive from Nashville 10:30-1:30 (time change included).

I originally wrote this in an email but thought hey that would be a fun blog post :D there you have it. I spent 28 of the last 40 hours either in a car, plane, airport, or meeting! It was my first real business trip and I am feeling sorry for anyone who travels a lot for their job!

19Oct05Photos to Hang in Canvas Canoe

A couple of weeks ago I made arrangements with the owner of Canvas Canoe to hang a few of my photos. It is located downtown Chattanooga (at the corner of First and Market and across from the new addition to the aquarium). These are the three photos I have prepared. They will hang three in a row vertically. They are 12″x15″ and 12″x11″.

It should be good. More exposure and maybe a sale or two. This is the second store to carry them and these are a different size so who knows…

Photos for Canvas Canoe

18Oct05Another Room Down

We got another room done in our house. We had been using the guest bedroom to store things that needed to go in the attic.

With Dad paying a visit in a couple weeks and me going away on business for a few days this weekend, it was time to get it done. It was a major undertaking but Erin and I stayed focused…even though it meant taping Vegas and me watching it at 1:30 AM.

It is very rewarding to get a project like this done. I know it probably means even more to Erin to have it done. Here are a couple photos

13Oct05It’s Here!

Here is is. It is my new lens. Click here for the image.

UPDATE: I have decided to and have returned the lens. I thought I would be completely happy with this lens but I just wasn’t. The image quality was fantastic but what I should have known was that I really do need image stabilization on a telephoto and I was hopeful that I could get by without it. Alas I was somewhat let down and when you spend that much on something you better be freakin certain it is really what you want.