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23Sep05Not just my hosting.

It has been a rough week for me and the internet. First the troubles with my hosting outages and now Comcast. It seems there was significant outage last night in our neighborhood.

Erin was checking some things on the internet and all the sudden it stopped working. I tried all the necessary things within our realm of control to get it working again…recycling the router, then the modem and the router, then I plugged directly into the modem with a cable and nothing so I called Comcast. We were the only ones who had reported being without service. They ran a test on the modems in our area and sure enough there were 11 people without internet service on our road and an adjacent road. Comcast said they would set up an appointment with a tech to come out on Saturday. He also said that if there was a “significant” number of people reporting it they would consider it an outage and come out and look into it.

About 2 hours later…it was up and running. There must have been some other people who were as hacked off as I was about not being able to check my email :) Silly how addicted to these forms of communication we are getting isn’t it?

19Sep05Clean Counters and Baked Goods

I heard one time that babies are nauseated by the smell of a clean shirt… Well I have decided that Erin is compelled to be a baker by clean kitchens! You see she spent about 2 hours cleaning the kitchen floor to ceiling last night and now she wants to bake cookies. Happens everytime…I clean it or she cleans it and all she wants is a batch of cookies in the oven :)

19Sep05Some eProps

I should give some eProps to my buddy Scott for helping me get things running on my new server, figuring out wordpress, getting all my posts imported, getting some useful plugins and so on. I am deeply indebted to him for all his help.

Even though he has begun stealing photo business from me :p

6Sep05From Madison

This is my dad and I at the Olbrich Botanical Gardens in Madison, WI. Click the image or HERE to see the photo larger.

We are standing on a bridge in front of the Thai Pavilion donated by the Thailand Chapter of the University of Wisconson Alumni Association. It was assembled in Thailand with authentic material and labor then dimantled, shipped to Madison, and reassembled in the Olbrich Botanical Gardens by the same people who built it. It was pretty neat. I may be posting a photo of it on my photoblog so stay tuned.

5Sep05Hi Erin…Fun at the Airport

Hi Erin...Fun at the Airport My Dad and Andrea drove me around Janesville looking for some fun stuff to take night photos of. We ended up out at the airport fooling around with my little headlamp. Since Erin stayed behind and I miss her I thought I would send her a little note! This was about a 90 second exposure and I spelled out the message with the red LED on my headlamp. Make sure you click on the image or HERE to see it larger