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29Jul05Fun Photo Connection With The Netherlands

Check out this post on my “contest entries” blog. It is about a fun photo connection I have with/in the Netherlands.


I added some new projects that I have been doing at work to the right hand column. As I clicked through the links to make sure they are working I noticed that I should probably put a disclaimer here to let you konw that I am/was responsible for the over all design of the site and not the content. The way SiteNow (our companies content management system that was used in all of these sites) works is that we setup templates and our clients are in full control of content and layout within the template. You will know why I disclaim this when you check them out :)


I mowed the grass tonight. It wasn’t near as bad as last time but I can’t wait til the weather cools off. The heat index was 98 degrees! It took all of 15 minutes but I was soaked through!

Erin just told me that the high today was 99 degrees…99 DEGREES! Ahhhhh!

22Jul05Hymns of the 49th Parellel (or Parallel)

I have gotten tons of hits for this post about purhcasing K.D. Lang’s newest albums titled Hymns of the 49th Parallel, only I spelled it wrong. I spelled it as in the title of this post with an ‘e’ instead of an ‘a’ which seems to be providential since I get a visitor or three every week looking for it spelled the wrong way. Anyway I searched for it spelled the way I have it on my site and google came up with my site first which is probably why I get so many people coming looking for it.

Thought you might find that amusing like me. BTW this post has dual purposes to be funny and to put my site out there when you for it spelled the right way :)

21Jul05Here’s To New Friends and Appliances

I met up with a guy that I have been emailing with over the last couple weeks. His name is Nathan and we went out shooting some street photography last night. I had a great time and got some great shots. We ended the night with a brew from the Big River Brewery downtown. It was a good night.

In addition to meeting a new friend, Erin and I had our refridgerator delivered yesterday afternoon. So now we can stop buying bags of ice to keep our soda and yogurt cold :) We have to thank David who helped us (really I stood there and watched him) cut our counter back a little and remove a cabinet to make room for the new fridge last Saturday.

So here’s to new friends and new appliances!