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Hey today is my mom’s birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!

18Apr05Dilbert can be so Timely

Dilbert Identity Theft

This came to my email on Monday morning! I get them everyday but how timely is this?!?!

17Apr05Opening Day for Chattanooga Market

It is the opening day for the Chattanooga Market 2005 season. I am excited to see what will be there. Erin and I were planning on going after church but right after Sunday School Erin told me that she was having some stomach trouble and needed to go home. She laid down to take a nap and I am watching NASCAR so we have not gone yet. I am sort of waiting until 3:00. Jennifer Daniels is playing then and I am looking forward to hearing and seeing her perform. I will probably have some more photos to post in the next few days after I get back from that.

13Apr05Sharks over the River

There have been curious things happening around town lately. Sharks in the Tennessee River and now Sharks over the Tennessee River.

What will be next?


I know I have missed a birthdays now but Happy Birthday goes out to my Dad. I won’t tell ’em how old you are getting Dad! Have a great Birthday evening.