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25Feb05What I have been doing at work…for those who care!

Here are a few things I have been doing at work recently:

If I think of anything else I will add to this list.

10Feb05Site Stats

Thought I would post something here that might be of interest to some of you. My site stats have been steadily increasing over the last 1-2 months and I am excited about it. Here are a few key stats from the last month or so:

  • Average daily unique visitors: 45
  • Highest number of unique visitors in a day: 67
  • Highest number of unique visitors in a day since going live: 85
  • Average daily page loads (hits): 81
  • Highest number of page loads in a day: 138…also happens to be the highest since going live as well
  • Total page loads in the last 30 days: 2,514
  • Total page loads since going live: 13,665

I also have been noticing what keyords people use to find my site here are a sampling from the last month or so:

  • photography and chattanooga
  • photoblog digital rebel
  • chicago snl more cowbell video
  • patcherkofel
  • photography job chattanooga
  • the travelocity gnome
  • mojo burrito
  • yashinon ds=m
  • travelocity gnome clips
  • snl skits cowbell
  • ride a carousel
  • moes chattanooga
  • ashlee simpson lip sync video

[keywords update 2-11-05 – these all hapen on 2-10-05 after 1:40 PM]

  • photography jobs chattanooga, tn
  • how to paint digital camoflauge
  • patcherkofel austria
  • photography job chattanooga
  • the travelcite gnome
  • walnut street bridge chattanooga length
  • lamar’s chattanooga
  • travelcity gnome
  • fun birthday places near dawsonville ga
  • moes chattanooga
  • belgian waffle photos -maker

I just thought you might enjoy seeing some of this stuff.