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20Jan05Alice Makes it Bigtime!

Well its official, Alice is famous. She was dressed up for Red White and Blue day at Chattanooga Christian School today and John Wilson from the Chattanoogan stopped by to snap this photo! Nice job Alice.

17Jan05Gnome Crazy

I have seen the Travelocity gnome before but this image that they use on their website caught my eye today!

Obviously I am not the only one that likes Gnomes! Check out this link to the website of the art studio that produced 5 of my gnomes The artist’s is Tom Clark. They are pretty cool.

14Jan05Longing for some Snow!

Nathan and Danny with their SnowmanThis is Nathan and Danny with the Snowman they made. It really makes me want to be in the snow.

The funny thing about all this longing to be in the snow stuff is that I probably would not even like it if I was there. I would be annoyed that it took me 20 minutes longer to get to work and that my feet were cold, so on and so on! The thought of it is very tantalizing though! You can click the image or here to see the full image!

10Jan05The Way Winter Should Look

The Way Winter Should Look

This is the way winter should look! My Dad sent me this photo last week after he got a significant amount of “white stuff.” He drives bs into Chicago from Janesville, WI. And as far as I can tell, he still seems to like the snow ok. Am I right on that Dad? Although I like snow, I would not want to drive a bus in Chicago traffic while it was snowing! Happy driving Dad!

1Jan05Blogging Wireless

I am officially blogging from my couch with no strings attached. Now that we have the wireless network setup…my desktop decided to smoke its video card! Fun fun! I have had it for about 4 1/2 years so I guess that is not too bad. It was really cheap too. I will have to get a replacement for it. May mean a trip to Fry’s in Atlanta tomorrow after church.