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30Dec04We have Broadband!

Well Erin and I have moved into the 20th century in a big way this week! We are now have DSL and as of next Monday we will have a wireless network in our home. This means a typical night might mean surfing the net from the couch or the dinner table or even right from the comfort of our cozy bed! Yeahh!

30Dec04You think you get bad gas mileage?

I was looking up the type of plane that Erin is flying on right now and I found out that the MD-80 aircraft gets about .25 miles per gallon! And if that isnt bad enough the Boeing 747 only gets about .13 miles to the gallon…gasp! No wonder airtravel costs what it does. I think we should be happy with the deals we are getting on airfare.

26Dec04Help Me PLEEEEEASE!

I am pleading for help…Help me get a free ipod! It really does work and it is not a scam. Here is a link to some proof. My brother in-law just received his free ipod!

If you want to help me here is the way you can do it. Setup a free email address at yahoo or hotmail or somewhere (you will get tons of junk mail from this) and then follow this link and set up an account. Then just complete one of the FREE trial offers and I will be one person closer to getting a free ipod!

Please don’t dismiss this I have signed up and completed the deal with no frustration or complications. If you have any reservations about it or questions please email me any questions and I will clear them up for you. I promise you wont regret this!

25Dec04Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone. I hope that you have a very joyous day.

21Dec04Erin’s New iBook

New iBookWe have begun our move to Mac. We decided to get Erin an iBook in celebration and preparation for her grad school classes. After much deliberation she decided that the iBook is what she wanted and needed. Click Here or on the image to enlarge.