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28Oct04Life is good…God is good!

I was sitting in my office working on some style sheets and my boss came in and just said that he was happy with my performance and he wanted to give me a raise! I am pretty excited since I have only been here a little over 4 months and I have never been given a raise out without a review or requesting one!

27Oct04Total Lunar Eclipse Tonight!

As you probably all know from the news or internet…there is going to be a total lunar eclipse starting tonight around 9:15 PM EDT full eclipse at 10:20 to 11:45 and ending at 1:00 AM. I am goign to try to photography it…if I can stay up that late! I might try to talk Erin into going somewhere to see it without the obstructions of the house, trees and powerlines at home.

Here is link to a page that has all kind of info on the eclipse including start times, end times, so on so forth. Enjoy the eclipse!

21Oct04Day With Dad

I have had a good day here in the land of cheese. Dad and I started by going to a local camera store where we found some deals that we couldn’t pass up! I will post photos of stuff later…Then we went to Madison stopping for lunch in a cool little burger joint called Red Robin. After that we hit another camera store looking at tripods. B&N was next for a little bookstore browsing. After that we headed home stopping along the way for a few corn field photos click here for a photo.

17Oct04Beautiful Weather…Well Temperature

I thought about writing this post about an hour ago when the weather was sunny and cool with just a few clouds over head…since then it has started to rain! Either way this is the best weather Chattanooga has seen in a while. I love the cool autumn temperatures and crisp clear nights! Makes for great sleeping weather! Erin has threatened to turn on the heat already. We’ll see about that…

17Oct04Polka @ The Chattanooga Market

I went to the Chattanooga Market today while Erin was doing report cards at Starbucks. They had a German Polka band that was pretty fun! I didn’t take any pictures though.

It made me think of my Dad playing the accordian for me when I was a kid! I always liked when we would break out the old squeeze box!