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30Sep04Happy Birthday’s All Around

Happy birthdays go out to my sister Ashley in Clinton, Ia and my step-mother Andrea in Janesville, WI. Also a very belated happy birthday to Scott who got a kidney stone for his birthday last weekend! I am calling him Kosmo from Seinfeld because that is all I could think of when he called me on his way to the hospital for pain meds for what he suspected was a stone! Happy Birthdays you guys!


Alex got me interested in this new internet browser a few weeks ago and I have been giving it a try. I really like it and therefore I am passing along the info. The best thing about it in my mind, is “tabbed browsing” which allows you to have multiple pages open on the internet all in one window on tabs that you can flip back and forth between. Check it out and see if you like it. It is free and fabulous! I will warn you though…my homepage does not currently display properly in Firefox.

26Sep04Dawn Kinnard @ Rthythm N Brews


After the tapping party at Big River Grille on Thursday, Albert and I walked around the block to Rthythm N Brews to see about getting a CD from Dawn Kinnard. Their show didn’t start until 9:30 but sound checks were earlier in the evening so I was able to get the CD and have her sign it which is really cool. This is the cover of the CD and the signature.

21Sep04Another country to add

Hey Guys. This may be getting boring but I have to do it because I am excited about the traffic coming through. The good new is I can now add the Netherlands to the list of countries that have been represented by visitors to my site. The bad news is that I have fallen off the “hot photoblogs” list at I think that my traffic is still way up due to people coming in off bookmarks and links around different places on the web.

19Sep04Vaughan Penn @ Chattanooga Market

I went to the Chattanooga Market today to hear a performer named Vaughan Penn. Click the image to see it bigger.

I don’t write good reviews so I won’t. I did enjoy the show and it was worth going. I read on her website that she has written and performed songs for a variety of movies and TV shows, which is pretty cool. Her CDs were $10…I had only $9 on me so I got Erin some tomatoes and a red pepper and called it good. Here is a link to her website if you want to check it out.