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22Aug04Dawn Kinnard @ Lamar’s

Scott and I went to a concert last night at Lamar’s on MLK and Central (yeah it was scary).

Chris Totten from our church was playing there so we thought it would be fun to go down for a while and check it out. They had three acts one of which was Dawn Kinnard. She played a cool rock a billy feeling music.

Anyway I think that she was the star of the show but the Totten Boys with Issac Wardell were pretty cool too. (this post too was copied from my photo blog)

13Aug04Perfect Day In Chattanooga!

It is a perfect day in Chattanooga! A wonderful 68 degress, beautiful blue sky with a few puffy soft clouds in the sky, and a very gentle breeze. If it could only be this way year round I would be a very happy camper! I should go take some pictures…maybe for photo a day!

12Aug04Ok there are a lot of glitches!

I will work on it as soon as I can I promise! I thought I had them worked out but I obviously didn’t! Sorry:)

11Aug04This site is settling in its new home!

Thanks for following the link! You have arrived at the new home of Matt’s Personal Website. Just so you konw there will probably be a few glitches. I have taken steps to ensure all the links work but have not been able to test anything yet. In case you have not already done so please change any links to this page from the old address to this address Thanks for your patience.

9Aug04This site gets a new home…

Soon and very soon this site will move to I will let you know and I will post a page here to let you know that it has moved when it happens.

Here’s the story. I was trying to get my current web host to set up a subdomain for me (ir. This should not be a difficult thing but they “couldn’t do it without charging a seperate fee to host it.” So I was talking to my boss and he asked me why I don’t just put it on our company server and operate from there? I said that would be great and so it was decided. I still have to get a few things figured out like email addresses and mail servers and the such so there is no interuption in our email delivery but I think that it can and will be worked out easily. Stay tuned for the change!