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30Jul04Birkenstock…Great Shoes, Horrible Customer Service

As some of you know, I had a little trouble with my Birkenstocks coming apart at the side seam (click to see picture). Well I took them in on July 19, which if you do that math is 6 weeks ago Saturday. At the time they told me that it would be 4-6 weeks. When 4 weeks rolled around, I called and they told me that they just submited them and it would be 4-6 weeks from that time…another 4-6 weeks! Anyway, they were going to call and check and get back to me, but never did. so…

I called the Birkenstock store yesterday and laid it on the line. I told them I needed action on this TODAY! she tried giving me a line of how busy and backed up the “warehouse” is with all its repairs and blah blah blah. Then I told her that it was unfortunate that Birkenstock doesn’t care about the customer and that it wasn’t the stores fault but they needed to do something to make me happy. She then proceeded to offer me a brand new pair ordered at the store’s expense. So I should have a new pair of shoes in about a week. Nothing but happy!

26Jul04To Quote My Boss…

“Don’t worry about that right now. Let’s just get it up there and we can massage it later.” – Greg

(this was in referrence to a few little fixes we needed to make to a demo website that is about to become active)

26Jul04Awesome website to check out

Hey Everyone you have to check this out! I got this link from my buddy Nick Dekker. The Human Clock uses actual photos of people and things that in some way tell you the time! It is pretty dang cool. If I get creative I may try to make a few submissions. I will post them here as well if I do!

24Jul04Catching up

Well it has been a while since I have written about anything real here so I will catch you all up a little.

Erin and I have been getting use to each other’s schedules and lack there of at times after her return from a two week stay in Dallas with her family. We both found sleeping a little easier without the other taking up “our half” of the bed.

Erin is working on getting things ready for the beginning of school which seems right around the corner. She has been doing lots of cutting, laminating, labeling, etc. in an effort to make the classroom feel like home for the little third graders! We updated her class website so that it is ready for the first couple weeks of school.

I have been getting into the thick of it at work. I have designed several websites and one or two of them are close to “going live.” It is always amazing to me all the little details that have to be thought of before launching a new website. I thought it was crazy how long it took to launch the new website at Zondervan when I was interning there during college but now I have an insider’s look at all the details that were involved and there were many more with Zondervan’s site. I have been working on what will probably be my highest profile work yet. It is a new site for The United Way of Chattanooga (this is the old website. They recently overhauled their corporate branding nation wide and this is a step for the local United Way towards complying with the new standards. I will put a link up here once it is live.

Well this post is getting pretty long so I will cut it here. Later!

16Jul04Links page updated!

I have finally updated my links page to have some current favorites and some old stand bys.  check it out sometime and feel free to leave a comment or email me with your favorites and they may end up on my own links page.