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26May04Funny Stuff!

I came across this website via one of those annoying email forwards. I really thought it was hilarious and I think that many of you will as well. The Watley Review.

23May04The Artist Within…

You may be wondering what has made the artist within re-emerge, it’s the cicadas…just kidding. Well the truth is I have always desired to be more “artistic” and have not really acted on it. During the process of gathering photos for my photo -a- day site, I really just started thinking more about the world we live in and the beauty all around. Sounds sappy huh? It is true though and if you have any inclination, realities like this give you the urge to emulate and reproduce that beauty in some way. Some people construct things, others destroy things, yet others just take it in but I chose to photograph, paint and draw things! Look for a gallery of paintings, drawings and other art soon. I will keep you posted. Thanks for supporting this site and my online adventure I appreciate your visits and comments!

16May04Nightfall Concert Series Coming Soon!

One of the great things about this city is the access to live music. The Nightfall Concert Series is a good example. Sometime I am going to post some of the concerts I have seen and many of them are from Nightfalls of the past. Here is a link to this year’s schedule. If you know any of these artists and have input about whether I should make a special effort to go I would appreciate it. You can leave a comment or shoot me an email. Thanks

13May04Another Great Musician Heard on NPR

Jamie Cullum is a jazz artist that I heard on NPR the other day. He mixes jazz, sometimes jazz standards, with pop and hip-hop elements. Really cool music give it a listen. If you are interested here is his website

9May04Happy Mother’s Day…

To all the mother’s out there, especially those close to me…Mom, Marge and Andrea…Happy Mother’s Day! I hope that you have a wonderful day!