It was an honor and a privilege to photography my brother’s wedding! I could use this space to make some embarrassing comments about him since I was not given the mic during the reception but I may just pass in favor of a few things I have grown to really appreciate about him. Geof knows I have a weakness for dates so he always reminds me of important dates (relatives birthdays etc.). He checks in every so often just to make sure things are still going ok. He always has an open door if I am in town (even if it is open to his tiny little one room apartment). And he always gets to tickled to introduce me as his “little” brother (I am only a foot and a half taller and 100lbs bigger than him). I don’t know Paige all that well but what I do know is that she makes Geof really happy and that cant be bad :)

Thanks for letting me be the one to document this day for you guys. I wish you all the best!

Venue: Pinstripes
Dress: David’s Bridal

Click HERE for the slideshow.